Hello! I’m Alexa Loy :

Hello I’m Alexa. I’m a happy, creative soul making thoughtful images and I guess I’m all about celebrating the little things, both in my work and in my daily life.  My background is in wedding and family photography and before that I was a primary teacher in Camden. I’ve always been drawing and painting and photographing, and while I was teaching I loved my role as school art leader. I’m mum to two small children called Sebastian and Jessamine, and I am somehow trying to find the balance between creativity, owning a business and motherhood.

I’m a story-telling, tea-loving lady and capture images with my camera and my heart. I may live in the East of England, but my heart belongs to Cornwall. It has held magic for my soul since early childhood when we would adventure down to visit my Dad’s family. I remember one visit to Land’s End aged about 9 had me enthralled - the waves crashing down on the rocks below me, rain and wind blowing my hair. The feeling of the never ending sea pulling me towards it, being part of something much bigger than I was, and thinking about the many who had been here before me.

Where my heart is home:

Cornwall always been my bolt hole, my special place. Childhood camping in Newquay while visiting family, exploring beaches that my dad had adventured in during childhood. The seemingly never-ending summers stuck in 12 hours of traffic on the A30 with good friends during my late teenage years on our way to Gorran Haven, and then road trips listening to epic playlists with my boyfriend during university (he’s now my husband!). And finally returning with our children every year since they’ve been born. I wouldn’t like to guess how many times I’ve been, but we love visiting old places and discovering new ones, there’s still so much to explore. I’ve photographed several very special Cornish weddings and if I could do it every day I would!

This year I took part in a week’s painting course at the St Ives School of Painting and was very lucky to stay with friends who are living on St Michael’s Mount. While I was there I read ‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf for the third time (yes I’m a bookworm!) It was this combination during my time away that set the wheels for this photography retreat in motion. In times of great joy Cornwall has been there but I have also sought solace and comfort in the rugged coastline whilst grieving, or trying to come to decisions and life paths. It’s where my heart is home and I want to share it with you.

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My good friend and fellow photographer Rebecca Douglas has an energetic personality. She is passionate about geography, nature and photography, making her the perfect partner to work with on this project find out more about her here: