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To the Lighthouse 2019 : images we made

Well what can I say? It’s just so wonderful to share these images today - they are a mix of images from some of the awesome people who came along to ‘To the Lighthouse’ retreat weekend. I wanted to share and celebrate the images, it was amazing as they kept arriving by email! The weekend was about really connecting with our cameras, making time and space to keep learning and chance try out new things and enjoy photographing the world around us. There was a real mix of established photographers and people just starting on their image making journey and I loved this vibe. We spent time thinking about how to be mindful in our photography and to wait for the momentTo all the Lighthousers, thank you so much to you all for journeying down to Cornwall - I adored sharing the weekend with you, and am so happy to be able to make this blog post today - I have really loved all the images you sent over.

Here’s to St Ives and Cornwall dreaming :) I’ve shared the images in little bundles from each photographer, as I felt it was best curate in this way - enjoy!

Alexa x

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So here are the images, first up is Sharon…

Sharon Cooper


Rebecca Douglas


Rebecca was our guest speaker and it was fascinating to here how she captures the landscape and environment especially using slow shutter speeds for waves and night sky photography.

Vic Kevans

Carly Michael


Carly grew up in St Ives so is a proper local. She now lives in North London with her growing family, so she booked onto the retreat to explore her home town with fresh eyes and wanted to explore in a different way to usual. The little slices of rooftops, texture and shape she has captured below take us through the back streets of St Ives along with the local facts and stories she told throughout the weekend….

Vanessa Coppock

Alexa Loy