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Hello, I’m Rebecca Douglas :

I can’t wait to connect, reflect and absorb all the goodness that the coast brings, and share some beautiful moments by the sea with you all in Cornwall.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with the sea and the beauty it gives us. Growing up in the coastal town of Ramsgate, I have always be surrounded by the hustle, bustle and joy that the seaside brings; capturing early morning sunrises and dusky evening sunsets, and even cautiously capturing the treacherous storms that have passed our way. I have always found it a privilege to capture Mother Nature at her most beautiful, and most destructive - always putting it into perspective the wonder and challenges of life and the lengths people go to to capture the world they want to show; the world through their lens.

Photography started out, as many creative professionals do, as a hobby - gradually building a portfolio of work and one day finding myself able to quit my day job and take my photography career to the next level, and I’ve never looked back. As my career progressed, I have found myself adding new awesome pieces of equipment, such as my DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air drones, enabling me to capture the world and all of its beautiful landscapes from a different perspective. I’ll be bringing my drone with me to St Ives, so if weather conditions and flying permissions allow, you are welcome to join me to watch how I work and ask any questions!

Living by the sea means I am cocooned by the environment that inspires me and nourishes my creativity. The dynamic nature of the coast, tides coming and going, sunrises and sunsets, its ever changing and ever inspiring and I document this coastal life in my Stories of the Sea. I love walking in deserted woodland and I am easily distracted by nature, birds fascinate me (not-so-closet RSPB, National Trust & Woodland Trust member!) and I adore being outside, seeing, listening and just being.

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I did a geography degree so being good to our environment is important to me and my obsession with my regular travels in Iceland lets me live out this geekery in an epic and inspiring land. I adore the adventures that my camera has allowed me to follow and am always so very excited to do this with others too. See you in Cornwall!

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